ELBP Monetization Policy


  • ELBP refers to Education Lessons Blogger Program and EL refers to Education Lessons.
  • EL Advertiser Policy refers to the revenue that EL earns through advertisements.
  • As per policy, based on difficulty level(set by EL) of blog topic, rating from 1 to 5, money will be awarded in INR, as per EL standards. Where 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. You will be awarded the amount of your blog, within 5 days after your blog is successfully published on EL Website.

  • EL will award a minimum of ₹140 and increasing to a maximum of ₹200 as per difficulty level, for each blog successfully published on EL Website.

  • Under EL Advertiser Policy, your blog will monetize after 4000 views on the blog, and limits the consideration/eligibility under this policy at 7000 views on that blog. Under this policy, your monetized blog revenue share will be 56% and remaining will be of EL.

Note: You should have a bank account with your name, where we can transfer money with either net-banking or UPI. Paytm account with your name is also acceptable.