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EL Blogger Program(ELBP) is a way to earn revenue using EL platform by writing blogs. ELBP is an Education Lessons Partner Program(ELPP) initiative under which Education Lessons(EL) is providing a platform for you to shine. Education Lessons welcomes passionate writers from all fields to write, share their knowledge and at the same time earn using EL’s platform.

Enrolling in the program

To join the blogger program, you need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

Qualification criteria:

Any one of the following should be true.

  1. You are a student of engineering(of any engineering field)
  2. You are a student of medical field
  3. You are a student of para-medical field
  4. You are a student of B.Sc./B.Com./B.A. field
  5. In case you are not a student, you can apply if you are from above mentioned sectors

Submission of supportive documents:

If you are a student of any field mentioned above, you have to submit a scanned copy of your college ID card. For others, please contact us through our contact-us page.

Blogging criteria:

  1. You must be good in English.
  2. You must be passionate in sector you are studying and want to share your experience/knowledge with others.
  3. You must have good writing and presentation skills.
  4. You must strictly follow the guidelines provided to you and work with loyalty and dedication.
  5. You must know the basics of Google docs or MS Word with basic formatting skills. We prefer Google docs as we can suggest and comment on the doc with exchange of notifications.

To know more about how much you can earn using the EL’s Blogger Program, please read our monetization policy article.

To participate in this program you can fill out this form. We’ll contact you, using the email that you’ve provided, with the next steps to be performed.

Good luck! We hope to see you as an EL Partner.