Meet our team!


Yash Thakkar

Founder, Lead Tutor and Operations Head

Yash is the lead tutor for design and math based subjects and he manages all the operations flow at EL. He works as a Design Engineer who specialises in pressure vessel design. He has the ability to easily explain the most difficult topics of various subjects. You can find him playing Minecraft where he creates amazing contraptions using red stones.


Jay Rana

Co-founder, Lead Tutor and Analyst

Jay is a Mechanical Engineering student, pursuing ME, who loves to learn something new everyday and believes that the best utilization of free time is developing a new skill. He is good at teaching, video production and video editing. He has helped many students with their studies and with his precise analytical thinking he helps Education Lessons produce exceptional teaching content and study materials which our students love.


Parth Prajapati

Technical Head and Legal Writer

Parth handles all the technical stuff for Education Lessons and has an experience of working as a Software Engineer for more than 5 years. Apart from that he also drafts legal technical documents for EL. He likes architecting, designing and developing solutions using softwares. His sudo name is da' Parth and he loves mimicking different accents of people and playing FIFA.