Education Lessons sponsored content

What is sponsored content?

Education Lessons, on its website, may put up content that is provided by 3rd party publishers or social media influencers.

Kind of sponsored content

Sponsored content can be seen on our website in the form of blog article, notes article, image within a blog article or notes article. We would always provide an indication around the sponsored content indicating that it is a sponsored content.

These content would at times include links going back to the publisher’s website, social media pages or other 3rd party locations on the web.

Who provides sponsored content?

Any individual, organisation or a company who wishes to generate conversations around their product category or even their product.

If you are interested in providing us with sponsored content, you could get in touch with us from the contact us page of our website. Or directly shoot us an email at

Why does Education Lessons provide sponsored content?

Designing, developing and maintaining the website of Education Lessons incurs expenses in the form of website hosting charges, web service hosting charges, charges for domain name, content hosting charges etc. The team of Education Lessons also puts lots of manhours in developing top quality content that satisfies our audience. When posting sponsored content on the website, publishers compensate Education Lessons monetarily. This helps us bear the expenses, keep our website running and encourage us to keep delivering quality content.

Education Lessons role in sponsored content

We would always make sure that the content posted on our website aligns with the audience and the purpose of the website. While publishing we verify for plagiarism and the sobriety of the links that redirect you from sponsored content but it is not possible to keep track of all the changes happening on the 3rd party site and verify its sobriety at all times.

Your role

While the sponsored content might or might not be helpful to you, we encourage you not to submit any passwords, bank details, government document information, personal and private information(photos, phone numbers or anything using which you could be identified personally), make any payments without verifying the trustworthiness of the 3rd party site.

Education Lessons as a company or any team member of Education Lessons as a person will not be held responsible for any mishappenings and/or loss of information digital or otherwise occurring at the 3rd party site.


If you happen to have any queries, inquiries or disagreement regarding sponsored content, you could get in touch with us from the contact us page of our website. Or directly shoot us an email at